Mark Webber Casts Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, and His Two-Year-Old Son in Untitled Film

     January 25, 2011


Unless you’re a die hard Scott Pilgrim vs. the World fan, the name Mark Webber may not sound familiar — but it soon will. The indie actor wrote, directed, and stars in an untitled film about a struggling single father who is trying to raise his two year old son in the wake of the child’s mother’s death. The movie mirrors Webber’s own life, and he cast his own two-year-old as his son in the movie.

Michael Cera, Jason Ritter, Shannyon Sossamon and Amanda Seyfried either co-star or cameo as “heightened versions of themselves.”  The movie is being shot for well under a million dollars and has virtually no crew — just a director of photography and a sound person. Webber is producing the film through his company Poor Rich Kids.  Read what Webber had to say about the project after the jump.

Webber talked to Risky Business about why he cast his son and what the experience has been like:

“That’s  the crux of the film.  After spending so much time with my son being a father, I became obsessed with the idea of showing the most authentic father-son dynamic on screen… It’s been really cool and eye-opening to limit the exposure to my son but create the scenes and moments that seem realistically uncomfortable.  The blurring of boundaries and the overcompensation that you do with a child — how you look to them for affection when it’s not appropriate? It’s been an exercise to capture real life moments and still tell a compelling story.”

He was just in Sundance to premiere The Lie before he returned to Los Angeles to resume filming.

“[Sundance] was inspirational. I can see other people’s work, I can hear what they have to say, and not so be consumed about myself where years earlier how I felt about my whole year hinged on Sundance. I had a very adult Sundance experience.”

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