Over 40 Pictures from Mondo’s Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong Gallery Show in Austin

     March 14, 2014


Just another week after Mondo’s hit Disney gallery show Nothing’s Impossible where over 300 people were in line by the show’s opening, Mondo had another hit on their hands with the Martin Ansin/Kevin Tong show.  Around 150 people were in line before opening, but it was still just as amazing as the Disney show.  Hot properties such as Robocop, Scott Pilgrim versus the World, and Flash Gordon were all displayed and for sale.  Hit the jump for photos from inside the gallery.

To me, the piece of the show was Martin Ansin’s diptych Flash Gordon.  With a combination of his 2009-era style and smart connection between the two prints, you have a classic print remniscent of his Metropolis and Phantom of the Opera pieces from 2009.

Kevin Tong’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World print was a nice surprise with its colorful composition and excellent likenesses. You can’t tell from looking at the photos due to the plexiglass on the frames, but most of these pieces had really nice metallic inks, especially Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  Tong also had a lot of really nice originals up for grabs.

If you’re in Austin, check out the Mondo gallery at 4115 Guadalupe St.  The show runs until the end of March. Below are some photos including close-ups to show off detail.


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