Director Martin Campbell Won’t Return for GREEN LANTERN 2

     May 16, 2011


Warner Bros. is already prepping Green Lantern 2 in the event that Green Lantern is a hit at the box office.  But if Hal Jordan does return to screens after this summer, it won’t be with director Martin Campbell at the helm.  In the latest issue of Total Film [via CBM], the Green Lantern director says “This film has become the instruction manual if they do any further ones. It’s what we call pipe laying.”  Yes, that is one definition of laying pipe.  Here’s another.

Not return for an immediate sequel is par for the course with Campbell.  Campbell did Casino Royale eleven years after he made GoldenEye and he directed The Legend of Zorro eight years after The Mask of Zorro.  Also, with post-production on Green Lantern coming down to the wire, I wonder if it’s an experience he wants to relive with a sequel.  We’ll find out if a sequel is even a possibility when Green Lantern opens in 3D on June 17th.

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