Martin Freeman Talks THE HOBBIT, Working with Peter Jackson, Lego Sets, Deleted Scenes, the Merchandise, His Favorite Places in Wellington, and More

     March 18, 2013


With Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arriving on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and DVD tomorrow, I recently landed an extended video interview with Martin Freeman.  Since I’d already spoken to him a few times for the film (here’s the on set interview and the interview right before the movie came out), I tried to ask all new questions.  We talked about what it was like the first day on set, when he first knew he could play Bilbo Baggins, how many times he has seen the film, deleted scenes, all The Hobbit merchandise, Lego sets, what it was like to fly on an airplane that had his picture on it, his favorite places in Wellington, and so much more.  Hit the jump to watch.

the-hobbit-martin-freemanMartin Freeman

  • Did our last interview lead to anyone calling him “Little Martin”
  • How many times has he seen The Hobbit
  • What was the first day on set like for him
  • When did he first know he could play Bilbo
  • Did he have any hesitation about playing Bilbo and where did it come from
  • What does he know now about playing Bilbo and working with Peter Jackson that he wishes he could tell himself at the beginning of the shoot
  • Deleted scenes talk
  • Has he seen The Hobbit Lego sets.  Says he has all of them for his son
  • We talk about the Lego sets for scenes that weren’t in the first Hobbit movie like the spider sequence and the barrel set
  • What’s his favorite Hobbit merchandise
  • Did he like having his picture on the side of the Air New Zealand planes.  Talks about how everything on the plane was Hobbit related
  • If he were to go back to Wellington tomorrow, what’s the first thing he’d do
  • Favorite restaurant in Wellington
  • Is he a rock star in Wellington now

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