Daniel Stamm to Direct Remake of MARTYRS; Kristen Stewart Not Attached to Star

     November 16, 2010


Director Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism) has been hired to helm the American remake of Pascal Laugier’s French cult horror Martyrs, a vicious and brutal account of a teenager suffering at the hands of child abusers and torturers. In interview with 24 Frames, Stamm laughed out an inaccurate rumor that Kristen Stewart would be starring in the film, saying, “That’s the first time I’ve heard that”. He also hinted that his version would shy away from the intense “nihilism” and “darkness” of the French film. To be honest, from the little he has said, it seems like he’s aiming for accessibility over authenticity. Still, if it’s as gritty and absorbing as his summer hit was, I shouldn’t think it’ll be for wimps.

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martyrs_movie_poster_01Anyone who saw The Last Exorcism will know that unlike Laugier, Stamm’s approach is much less shock and gore, and much more slow burning suspense. Whether he’ll adopt that same pace in Martyrs is yet to be seen, but Stamm is unlikely to recreate the levels of bloody, controversial violence that characterized the original, and caused French authorities to grant the film an 18+ certificate on it’s release.

Said Stamm of his vision for the remake:

“The American approach would go through all that darkness but then give a glimmer of hope. You don’t have to shoot yourself when it’s over.”

Not much else has been revealed about Martyrs so far, although we know that writer Mark L. Smith (Vacancy) penned one draft for the film, a fact he revealed in interview earlier this year. At the time, he said he had written “the latest draft”, but that could have changed since May.

For those who never saw the original, the synopsis is as follows:

A young girl, Lucie, escapes a disused abattoir where she has been imprisoned and tortured for some time. Years later, troubled by delusions and nightmares, Lucie hunts down the family responsible for her childhood agonies to exact revenge.

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