20 Marvel Heroes We Still Need to See on the Big and Small Screens

     August 3, 2016


Even with over 60 live action films and TV series based on Marvel characters available for public consumption it’s hard to believe how many heroes still haven’t gotten their chance in the spotlight. Some of the most popular Marvel heroes still haven’t appeared on the big or small screen outside of animated form. The reasons for this are wide and varied.

The still tangled web of different property rights is a major reason. Many of your favorite mutants are controlled by 20th Century Fox who is finally just beginning to explore the X-Men universe. Other characters are caught in a weird limbo of rights between Sony Pictures, who still controls the Spider-Man franchise, Fox and Marvel Studios. For instance, both Fox and Marvel had the right to use Quicksilver who turned up in two different movie incarnations within weeks of each other. It sort of worked and it sort of didn’t.

Also, unlike DC that is more than OK with duplicating characters on the big and small screen, Marvel is creating one gigantic interconnecting universe. That means shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Daredevil can’t create their own versions of known Avengers characters without fans assuming that’s the definitive Black Knight or Moon Knight (more on them later) for all of Marvel. And, frankly, there may just be too many popular Avengers members and international heroes for Marvel to deal with when you have that particular strategy.

Keeping that in mind, here are 20 Marvel heroes most fans are still hoping to eventually see kicking ass in some form or another (assuming the powers at be can find the time to give them a home).

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