5 MCU Characters Who Deserve Their Own TV Series

     September 19, 2018

marvel-tv-seriesMarvel announced plans to produce standalone TV series of about 6-8 episodes featuring well-known characters from the MCU for Disney’s streaming service. If you’re picturing Danny Rand just frantically responding to a “new phone, who dis” text, you’re not far off; these new series are completely different from Netflix’s already established Marvel Universe, with MCU paterfamilias Kevin Feige taking a hands-on role and each series reportedly getting budgets to rival a big-screen studio project. Reports already indicate plans for a Scarlet Witch series starring Elizabeth Olsen and a Loki show with Tom Hiddleston reprising his trickster god role. These ideas are both well and good, I want to know the origins of Wanda Maximoff’s mysterious disappearing accent as much as the next person. But this news has got our Infinity Stones a-blazin’, and the possibilities are endless.

Here are 5 MCU characters who deserve their own standalone series.