Kevin Feige Addresses the Disney-Fox Deal and What It Means for Marvel

     January 30, 2018


If you’re wondering how long it’s going to take to see the fallout and benefits from the ongoing Disney-Fox deal hit the Marvel Cinematic Universe, don’t expect to see any major shakeups until after 2019. According to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, the plan is to stick with the announced lineup for the time being, and that’s that until the deal actually closes.

During the Black Panther press day, Feige told the folks over at Vulture that he read about the Disney-Fox merger in the papers just like everyone else. When pressed if he got so much as a heads-up email, Feige insisted, “These are big deals…and certainly above my pay grade.”


Image via Joshua Sudock – Disneyland Resort

That may come as a surprise, considering how much the MCU has to gain from the deal should it close. Feige has been pestered with questions about when we can hope to see the X-Men or Fantastic Four fighting alongside the Avengers since… well, since there was an on-screen Avengers, and with Fox’s properties moving in at the Mouse House, that fan-coveted superhero team-up could finally happen.

But Feige says they’re not even thinking about it because the deal isn’t even closed. “The truth of the matter as I understand it is the deal has to be figured out,” Feige said, “There’s been no communication. We’re not thinking about it. We’re focusing on everything we’ve already announced. If and when the deal actually happens, we’ll start to think more about it. Until then, we have a lot to do.”

However, when it looked like Marvel might pull-of their universe-expanding deal with Sony years ago, Feige had the writers brainstorm two versions of the MCU — one with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and one without. Is he doing the same now that the Fox-owed characters might be coming home? When pressed, Feige explained, “It would be years away. We’ve announced everything through 2019, so none of those would be adjusted.”

But Marvel has changed their schedule before (sorry, Inhumans) and it just so happens the year 2019 takes us through the MCU’s Stage Three, leading up to the 11-film culmination event that is Avengers 4. Folks have speculated that might be when Feige says farewell to the MCU, but how far ahead does he think about? You guessed it. “I think about it through 2019,” he said.

So there you have it, folks. “Through 2019” is the watch-word, and after that, who knows. Realy, who knows, because this enormous merger is an unprecedented, industry-altering piece of business. For now, keep your eyes on the prize because it’s all been building to the epic culmination in Avengers 4.

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