Marvel Is Skipping Hall H This Year; May Not Announce New Movies Until After ‘Avengers 4’

     April 23, 2018


Marvel Studios fans who are planning to go to San Diego Comic-Con this year might be a bit disappointed. While Marvel pretty much owns the Saturday night slot at SDCC, where the studio traditionally holds court in the massive Hall H to tease their upcoming movies, make major announcements, and give fans plenty of special treats that are unique to the SDCC experience, none of that will be happening in 2018.

Collider’s own Steve Weintraub recently spoke with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige at the press day for Avengers: Infinity War, and when asked about Marvel’s presence at Comic-Con this year, Feige revealed there will be no Hall H panel:

“We’re not going to Hall H this year. It will be an off year… which is what we did after Avengers 1 and what we’ve done every few years. There will be a tenth anniversary presence at Comic-Con but [no Hall H panel.]”


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This isn’t the first time Marvel has skipped a Hall H panel. The studio famously was a no-show in 2015, when fans were hoping to get a peek at Captain America: Civil War. The studio’s reasoning at the time was that they had just announced their full slate through 2019 and thus had nothing further to reveal, but they were also coming on the heels of an underwhelming presence at 2014’s Comic-Con, where many expected them to announce Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange. Negotiations had not closed at the time (among other reasons), and the only major revelation at 2014’s Comic-Con panel was a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, which was a no-brainer, so fans were a bit underwhelmed.

But this time Marvel’s reasoning for skipping Hall H is a little different. You may be aware that aside from 2019’s Captain Marvel, Avengers 4 and Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 and 2020’s Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Marvel has not revealed the titles of any other future films. Apparently Feige hopes they can keep those under wraps all the way through the release of Avengers 4 in May 2019:

“[We’re] not going to announce any post-Avengers 4 movies until hopefully after Avengers 4, which is another reason we’re not going to Comic-Con.”

That’s a mighty ambitious plan, and it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep their slate under wraps that long. There are three untitled Marvel movies scheduled for release in 2020, and they’ll need to start filming in 2019 in order to make those dates. Can Feige really keep negotiations and production preparations under wraps through May 2019? That would be one hell of a trick, but Marvel has created an entire brand out of enacting the seemingly improbable, so if anyone can do it they certainly can.

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