Marvel Studios Congratulates JURASSIC WORLD on Their Historic Opening Weekend

     June 16, 2015


Jurassic World reigns supreme, and even the mighty Marvel Studios has acknowledged the film’s historic box office achievements. Once the numbers were well and truly tallied, the Colin Trevorrow film starring Chris Pratt was found to be victorious, surpassing Marvel’s The Avengers’ domestic weekend opening record. Granted, the film only held that top spot for about three years, and yes, the presence of Pratt in both Universal’s dino dystopia and Marvel’s cinematic universe softened the blow, but that box office performance still has to sting.

But just to show that there were no hard feelings, Marvel reached out to congratulate the folks at Universal on social media today. Check out what Marvel Studios’ good sport Kevin Feige Tweeted earlier today:

And if you liked this example of Good Guy Feige extending a professional courtesy, there’s also this similar congratulatory effort from one George Lucas to James Cameron when Titanic surpassed Star Wars:


Image via Lucasfilm

And that congratulatory note was inspired by one Steven Spielberg sent to Lucas when Star Wars surpassed Jaws:


Image via THR

Hollywood seems fun!

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