Marvel Studios Teases Phase 9, LOKITTY’S REVENGE

     April 1, 2015


Various companies are having fun today with their April Fools gags (of course, there’s no shortage of people to tell you they’re not having fun; I’m sure these people are lovely at parties). Google Maps offered Pac Man, Amazon turned back the clock to 1999, and now Marvel is jumping all the way ahead to Phase 9 with a movie everyone would go see: Lokitty’s Revenge.

It’s just the Avengers but with household pets, and that’s good enough for me. All that’s really been missing from the series so far are more adorable animals, and people love dogs and cats. That’s why Puppy Bowl is so successful. Admit it: you would watch an Avengers movie with no plot if it was just animals playing together. We would then speculate what the film means for Phase 10.

Check out the teaser for Marvel: Phase 9. Lokitty’s Revenge opens May 20-never.

Via Marvel Entertainment.


Image via Marvel

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