First ‘Mascots’ Trailer: Competing for the Golden Fluffy Is No Joke

     September 1, 2016


Though his best film is about the ups and downs of a fictional rock band in In This Is Spinal Tap, Christopher Guest has a talent for finding much smaller points of focus for most of his mockumentaries, making them seem as major and important as they believe they really are. That was true of his theater troupe in Waiting for Guffman, the dog show competitors in Best in Show, and the folk band at the heard of A Mighty Wind. All of the egos and the pettiness are there, and yet, there’s always surprising sincerity as well. His new film which will be released on Netflix, Mascots, appears to be in the same vein (though I was secretly hoping it would be a series!)

Guest reunites with frequent collaborators Jane Lynch, Fred Willard, Ed Begley Jr., Parker Posey, Bob Balaban, Jennifer Coolidge, and John Michael Higgins to examine the world of, of course, professional mascots. The humor is just as dry as you would expect, juxtaposing beautifully with visual absurdities and the seriousness with which the characters take themselves. Like some of his other films, there is again a competition at the heart of Mascots: the 8th Annual Golden Fluffy Awards. Stakes could not be higher.

Check out the Mascots trailer below. The film, which will be released October 13th on Netflix and premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next week, also stars Christopher MoynihanDon Lake, Brad Williams, Zach Woods, Chris O’Dowd, Susan Yeagley, Sarah Baker, Tom Bennett, Kerry Godliman, Michael Hitchcock, Maria Blasucci, and Jim Piddock.

Here’s the official logline for Mascots:

Mascots is a new comedy from Christopher Guest, director of Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. Starring many of his regular troupe of actors, this latest film takes place in the ultra-competitive world of sports mascots where they compete for the most prestigious award in their field, the Gold Fluffy.