Why ‘Mass Effect’ Is the Sci-Fi Opera Television Needs

     March 21, 2017


When renowned video game developer BioWare unleashed its new sci-fi role playing game to the public, there was no doubt that Mass Effect was headed for greatness beyond the confines of personal consoles. It was no surprise in 2010 when Legendary Pictures, along with Warner Brothers had secured the film rights for the sci-fi juggernaut.

Sadly, tales of failed screenplays and creative differences are all we have heard since the announcement seven years ago. So, instead of trying to write our own film adaptation, why not turn to the ever-evolving landscape of television where every company and studio are vying for our depleted attention spans.

The history of sci-fi on TV is a scattered and complicated one littered with more failures than successes over the past few decades. Back in 2004, SyFy’s highly acclaimed Battlestar Galactica was labeled as not only a good sci-fi series, but one of the best TV shows ever made. Since the series’ conclusion in 2009 there has been a bit of a lull, except for SyFy’s The Expanse, which has been a pleasure to watch. While it’s great to have a show like The Expanse on for our viewing pleasure, if you compare it to other genres, like police procedurals, doctors, lawyers and even fantasy based series, the science fiction universe is sorely lacking in content.

Mass Effect could fill that space-opera void in all our hearts. The real question isn’t why the popular video game franchise should be turned into a series, but how? Video game franchises are never a guaranteed hit, whether it’s on the small screen, or in movie theaters. Just try and remember Doom and Assassin’s Creed for starters. How can Mass Effect prosper where others have failed? Here are some suggestions.