Matt Damon to Direct ERIN BROCKOVICH-Like Project, Based on an Idea from John Krasinski and Dave Eggers

     October 19, 2011


We have been keeping tabs on Matt Damon’s directorial ambitions for some time now.  The wife-swapping Yankee tale The Trade was an early candidate for his directorial debut, but the project is on hold pending legal issues.  The thriller Father Daughter Time emerged as another possibility this summer.  When Damon remarked that John Krasinski will star in an upcoming project, we linked Krasinki to Father Daughter Time.  However, we learned tonight that Father Daughter Time and the Krasinski collaboration are two separate projects.  Krasinski came up with the idea for the untitled drama, which THR compares to Erin Brockovich in the sense that the story centers on a town being poisoned.  Variety adds a bit more detail: “Damon plays a salesman who arrives in a small town only to have his whole life called into question.”  More after the jump.

john-krasinski-imageKrasinski first took his idea to author Dave Eggers (who co-wrote Krasinki’s Away We Go) to help flesh out the concept.  Then Krasinski reportedly pitched it to Damon for the two actors to write and star in together.  To better represent the movie star fraternity, Damon brought his buddy Ben Affleck on as a producer.  Chris Moore (The Adjustment Bureau) will join Affleck and Damon as producer on the project under Krasinski’s Sunday Night Productions banner.

So we don’t know much about the project (nary a title), but with this kind of talent attached, I don’t think we need to.  Can you even imagine a more amiable on-screen duo than Damon and Krasinski?  (Maybe Damon and a chocolate lab puppy.  Maybe.)

Damon has studied under the best over the past decade: Steven Soderbergh, Paul Greengrass, the Coen brothers, Martin Scorsese, Gus Van Sant.  I am very eager to see what Damon can do when he gets behind the camera.  As of now, it is not entirely clear which project—the untitled drama or Father Daughter Time—will come first.  However, Damon suggested he would direct Krasinski in “the first quarter of next year” when he first spoke about the project, and THR’s sources confirm a spring 2012 is likely.

Damon will have to make room in his busy acting schedule.  He is currently shooting Elysium with director Neill Blomkamp (surely learning a few more tricks of the trade). Next on the schedule is the biopic Liberace, Damon’s sixth collaboration with Soderbergh.  Damon will next be seen in the December 23 release We Bought a Zoo.

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