Matt Damon Flings Himself into Clint Eastwood’s HEREAFTER

     September 17, 2009

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Matt Damon is having a big week.  Not content with appearing on every talk show known to man in support of his new movie “The Informant!”, or with announcing that he will reteam with “Informant!” director Steven Soderbergh for his new “Liberace” biopic, Damon is also getting some play in the trades for a project that has nothing to do with Soderbergh for a change.  Damon will next star in “Hereafter”, a supernatural thriller from director Clint Eastwood that is set to film this fall.  To give Matt Damon another topic to discuss at press junkets, hit the jump.

Matt Damon (2).jpgAccording to Variety Damon has signed to star in the long-in-development Clint Eastwood project “Hereafter”.  Last November Eastwood announced that he was interested in directing a supernatural thriller for Dreamworks that was described only as being “in the vein of ‘The Sixth Sense'”.   Nearly one year later this mysterious film is ready to go in front of Eastwood’s cameras, though now the Oscar-winner has moved the action over to Warner Brothers.

Despite the change of venue, one thing remains the same: the plot of “Hereafter” is still being kept “under wraps.”  So, aside from the fact that the script was written by the understated Peter Morgan (“Frost/Nixon”, “The Queen”) and that Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are executive producing, there isn’t a lot we can tell you about “Hereafter”.

But, considering the caliber of talent involved here we shouldn’t really have to say more.  “Hereafter” is that rare project that, if done correctly, could appeal to both Academy voters and to more mainstream audiences.  Matt Damon coming on board certainly can’t hurt with either group.  Damon’s dance card is filled for the next two years with smaller films like the South African drama “Invictus” and George Nolfi’s “The Adjustment Bureau”, neither of which will make as much money as Damon’s next “Bourne” movie will on its first weekend…

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