Matt Groening to Develop a New Animated Series for Netflix

     January 16, 2016


Ahead of its TCA panel on Sunday (where we might get more information), some beans have been spilled about a Netflix deal with Matt Groening. He will reportedly be developing a new half-hour, comedic animated series for the streaming service, which is of course right in his wheelhouse after The Simpsons (which is TV’s longest running series, racking up over 500 episodes), as well as Futurama.

THR reports that the deal has been confirmed, and that Netflix would be looking to pick up two seasons of an animated series from Groening that would consist of 20 episodes (so far, but of course, his other series have all been long-running). Netflix has declined to comment on the deal, but it would fit in with their recent drive to expand their original animated programming, which has included BoJack Horseman, F Is for Family, and the upcoming Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.


Image via Matt Groening

Futurama ended its run on Comedy Central (after starting out on Fox) after its seventh season in 2013, but Groening is still serving as the executive producer of The Simpsons. There is no word yet on what his new series might entail, or focus on, or really anything, so let the speculation begin! We may learn more from Netflix tomorrow during their panel (along with, possibly, a confirmation about the rumored Punisher spinoff), so we’ll bring you that news as soon as possible.

For now, what would you like to see from Groening on Netflix? (And worth noting: the reports say a “new” series, so it’s probably not another resurrection of Futurama). Netflix does own the streaming rights for Futurama, though, if you need a Groening fix, but as for The Simpsons, you’ll have to settle for DVDs or new episodes Sundays on Fox.