Jason Flemyng Comments on Matthew Vaughn Possibly Directing STAR WARS EPISODE VII

     November 27, 2012


During the UK premiere for Seven Psychopaths, actor Jason Flemyng got caught in a bit of a rough spot on camera when he began commenting on Matthew Vaughn directing Star Wars Episode VII. The news remains unconfirmed since we broke the original story, and whether Flemyng let slip some confidential news or was just reporting internet rumors, we don’t know. But Flemyng and Vaughn have collaborated on nine films together, so it would make sense that Flemyng knew what the director was working on next (especially if he wants a part in arguably the biggest movie in years). Hit the jump to watch video of Flemyng’s comments and response.  

The first we heard of Flemyng’s commentary on Vaughn’s possible involvement with Star Wars: Epsiode VII came via DIY TV’s Twitter feed (via AICN).  Here are the relevant Tweets:

We chatted to the lovely Jason Flemyng who pretty much let slip that Matthew Vaughn will be on Star Wars IV duties oops! #Jameson7Psychos

We mentioned earlier about Matthew Vaughn’s involvement in Star Wars IV When we of course meant Star Wars VII. We’ll blame the cold.

Then we happened upon a recording by HeyUGuys (via The Film Stage) that captured the moment on video. Flemyng starts talking about Vaughn and Star Wars at 1:11 and gets caught in the headlights at about 1:35. Check it out:


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