Matthew Vaughn Developing SUPERIOR and THE SECRET SERVICE

     October 20, 2011


Director Matthew Vaughn surprised quite a few people when his X-Men: First Class opened and audiences found that the film was not only a lot of fun, but had a pretty great story anchored by some stellar performances. Now everyone wants to know what Vaughn will choose as his follow-up. Well it looks like Vaughn is currently developing two projects from comic writer Mark Millar. The first is The Secret Service, which was unveiled this week by Vaughn, Millar, and artist Dave Gibbons. Details on the story are under wraps but Vaughn holds the movie rights and is likely to tackle the script with Kick-Ass and First Class collaborator Jane Goldman. With that talent involved, I’m choosing to assume that the story revolves around Secret Service agents violently taking out anyone and everyone that makes a threat against the President.

Hit the jump for info on Superior, as well as what direction Vaughn is looking to take for his next film.

superior-imageAdditionally, Heat Vision reports that Vaughn has the movie rights to Superior. The story revolves around a boy with multiple sclerosis who is obsessed with comic books and superheroes. He is given the chance (at a cost) to become a superhero named Superior. Millar is writing the comic and Leinil Francis Yu is handling the art. Vaughn is expected to supervise the scriptwriting on that project, but Heat Vision doesn’t say he’ll be handling script duties himself.

For his next project, Vaughn is said to be looking to return to his roots. First Class was his first studio film, but the production was infamously grueling. The director was working on post-production literally down to the wire, finishing the film merely weeks before it opened in theaters. It’s a minor miracle that the pic turned out to be such a hit both commercially and critically. A “return to his roots” is pretty vague, but Vaughn’s directorial debut came with 2004’s crime thriller Layer Cake, so presumably he’s looking to do something along those lines (ie. Not Kick-Ass 2).

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