Watch: Max Landis Hopes ‘Bright’ Will Be His ‘Star Wars’

     July 25, 2016

Little was known about Max Landis’ script for Bright other than the generic logline describing it as a “supernatural cop thriller,” but there was clearly more to it, considering that director David Ayer is attached to direct and Netflix picked up the project to the tune of $90 million. It was then that we learned that the story will center on a human cop (Will Smith) who is forced to work with an orc (Joel Edgerton) in order to find a powerful wand, one sought after by many.

max-landis-save-or-killThat plot remained a bit of a head-scratcher, at least until our own Steve Weintraub had a chance to catch up with Landis at Comic-Con. In the following video interview, Landis shared an anecdote about writing the script with Ayer in mind, and then clarified the setting of the supernatural thriller as more of a modern take on classic high fantasy. And as for Netflix as a production partner and financial backer, Landis had only great things to say about how the streaming giant’s production model might be the way of the future.

Watch Steve’s interview with Landis above, followed by a handy time index for his choice quotes:

Max Landis:

  • 0:20 – Landis shares a funny story about mimicking Ayer’s writing style, which led to Ayer directing the script.
  • 1:00 – In his own signature style, Landis describes the plot of Bright as a grounded story about two LAPD cops that’s also a modern take on high fantasy, where orcs, dragons, and other non-human creatures are now just a part of the everyday social fabric.
  • 2:35 – Landis explains how Ayer’s talents will bring the hard-R, yet “sweet” and “talky” script to life.
  • 3:35 – As far as Landis is concerned, he wants Bright to be his Star Wars.
  • 4:00 – Reveals the production schedule for Bright and that they’ve already shot a bit.
  • 4:40 – Talks enthusiastically about working with Netflix.

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Image via Warner Bros.


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