Max Minghella on Writing and Producing ‘The 9th Life of Louis Drax’

     August 24, 2016


While you might know Max Minghella as the asshole from The Internship or the partner of the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, he’ll soon have a new title: Hollywood screenwriter. Minghella adapted and produced Liz Jensen’s novel The 9th Life of Louis Drax and got Alexandre Aja to helm the picture.


Image via Summit Premiere and Miramax

If you’re not familiar with the thriller, which Summit Premiere and Miramax will release in theaters on September 2nd, the film centers on a young boy, Louis (Aiden Longworth), who has survived eight near-death experiences, but plunges off a cliff on his ninth birthday. While he survives the fall, he stays in a coma, and it’s up to an intrepid doctor (Jamie Dornan) to find out the truth about what happened to Louis while also happening to fall for Louis’ mother (Sarah Gadon). The film also stars Aaron Paul, Oliver Platt, Molly Parker, and Barbara Hershey. You can watch the trailer here.

I got to visit the set when the film was shooting in Vancouver. Though I’ve done a lot of set visits, the one I got to do for The 9th Life of Louis Drax was extremely unusual because I was able to conduct video interviews with most of the cast and filmmakers. Usually set visits are print interviews and done in large groups, so getting to spend the day watching the film get made on my own was a lot of fun, and something I’ll never forget.


Image via Summit Premiere and Miramax

During my interview with Max Minghella he talked about how he got involved in the project, what it’s been like working with Alexandre Aja, when he decided to write the screenplay, putting together the cast, landing financing, the script’s plot, the twists and turns, and so much more. Check out what he had to say in the video above, and below you’ll find a list of what we talked about. Look for more on set interviews from The 9th Life of Louis Drax in the coming days.

Max Minghella:

  • The amazing matte painting behind him.
  • What’s getting ready to be filmed behind him?
  • What has it been like making the film on a such tight schedule?
  • Talks about how the project came together and being a producer and the screenwriter.
  • the-9th-life-of-louis-drax-jamie-dornanWhen did he know he wanted to be a screenwriter?
  • How much changed during production?
  • How did Alexandre Aja get involved in the film?
  • After Aja got involved how did the script change?
  • Talks about the plot and the twists and turns.
  • How involved was he in putting together the cast?
  • How tough was it to get financing?
  • If he could go back in time and give himself any advice what would he say?
  • Was he ever going to star in the film?
  • What has he learned during his career that he wanted to bring to this film?
  • Will he be in the editing room a lot?
  • Does he want to find a writing partner?
  • Why did they film in Vancouver?


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