McG Developing SCHOOL OF FEAR as Possible Directing Vehicle

     November 19, 2012


Director McG is currently looking for his follow-up to This Means War, and it looks like he’ll be going with Three Days to Kill, a thriller centering on a secret service agent played by Kevin Costner.  But the Terminator Salvation director is still lining up future projects.  He’s also on board to direct a feature based on the Magic Castle, a Hollywood nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts, and today Variety reports that his production company is developing an adaptation of the book School of Fear as a possible directing vehicle.  Based on the first novel in a trilogy, the series “follows four children, all suffering from phobias, who are sent to the exclusive yet secretive school where they conquer their fears and survive a perilous final test.”  Please, please, please let the headmaster of the school be played by Joe Rogan.

Hit the jump for a synopsis of the book.  McG is currently in pre-production on Three Days to Kill.

Here’s the synopsis for Gitty Daneshvari‘s School of Fear:

For the first time–maybe ever–Madeleine, Theo, Lulu, and Garrison are not looking forward to the start of summer, and three little words are to blame: School of Fear. In what they’re sure will be the longest and most terrifying six weeks of their lives, the foursome must face their phobias head-on as students of the exclusive and elusive school. There’s no homework or exams. But if they don’t conquer their fears by the end of the summer, they’ll find out just how frightening failing can be. [Amazon]


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