What Happens After ‘Avengers: Infinity War’? 8 Post-Phase 4 Theories for the MCU

     December 21, 2017


Even something as magnanimous as the Marvel Cinematic Universe must come to an end, and according to its architect, Kevin Feige, it will with the next two Avengers movies. Infinity War and whatever spoiler-y title the fourth one gets will act as a culmination of everything we’ve seen since 2008’s Iron Man. But there are at least 20 other movies in development for the post-2019 slate. So let’s pull out our comic books and speculate wildly!

These hypotheses aren’t just based on a fanboy’s wet dream wish list for Phase 4 and beyond of the MCU — though these are partly that. They are rooted in where we are now in the over-arching story and what we know about what’s coming. What works for the comics don’t always work for the films, but we’ve seen how the producers and directors tap famous comic arcs and incorporate them into the world they’ve created.


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