Watch: What It Might Look Like If the MCU Was R-Rated

     August 9, 2019

Earlier this week, the Movie Talk crew discussed Deadpool 2 director David Leitch‘s comments regarding whether or not Deadpool needed his movies to be rated-R, even after joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Naturally, that conversation led to the question, would Disney ever even entertain the idea of releasing an R-rated MCU movie at all? That being said, a new video from Corridor Crew caught my eye (via Screen Rant).

Corridor Crew is the team behind “VFX Artists React,” a series where their personalities react to the best and worst VFX on the big screen. In this video, however, they’re making some major changes to a very popular franchise. In “We Made Marvel R-Rated,” they do just that; they take the opening battle scene in Captain America: Civil War and they push the boundaries of the violence with what might be more realistic results. For example, do you think someone would just get knocked out if they were hit by Cap’s thrown shield? Absolutely not! The results would be far more gruesome and that’s what Corridor Crew adds to the footage.

Give the video a watch for yourself below:

When I first pushed play on the video and watched the beginnings of their alterations to the movie I thought, even though I do appreciate top-notch big screen gore, there’s no need for it in the MCU. But then I hit the point when the Corridor Crew starts show off their finished product. Admittedly, this newfound enthusiasm might just come from seeing the guys work on something and then successfully seeing it through to completion, but I found the bloody Civil War sequence they cooked up to be kind of exhilarating. However, I’m still of the mind that blood and violence wouldn’t really add anything of substance to the franchise and it’d also be a real shame to release installments a whole family of Marvel fans couldn’t experience together. I suspect there’s next to no chance Disney would embrace the R-rating quite like this anyway, but there is a thrill in seeing this spin put on the material, just for the creative fun of it.

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