Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, and FunnyOrDie Produce PSA Against California School Budget Cuts

     April 7, 2010


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have teamed up with Funny or Die to produce a PSA protesting the proposed $2.5 billion budget cut for California’s schools.  The video isn’t gut-bustingly funny, but it makes its point well.  Going to the organization behind the PSA,, I learned that $17 billion had already been cut from California schools in the past two years.  California has the most schoolchildren in the country with over 6.2 million in the 2005-06 school year.  Do you really want them all growing up to be really stupid?  I think not. 

Click here to sign the petition even if you’re not a California citizen and hit the jump to check out the PSA.


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