Mel Gibson to Be Among MAD MEN?

     September 23, 2010


Mel Gibson’s career – which has taken him from International Action Star to Controversial Religious Auteur to Frightening Ex – may continue its capricious trajectory right onto the small screen.  The jury is still out on whether Gibson has any future left on the silver screen, but the star seems to be hedging his bets by lobbying for a prime role in television.  According to Women on the Web, Gibson recently met with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to discuss the possibility of guest-starring in the show’s fifth season.

Gibson is anxious to be involved in AMC’s Emmy-winning show and apparently Weiner is keen on the idea, too.  He sees the intense actor as a perfect foil for Jon Hamm’s Don Draper.  This seems like a win-win situation all around.  A prolonged stint on a well-written, well-acted show would remind the world that Gibson is still a very gifted actor and it would not seem like he was “slumming” in television if he were on a critical darling like Mad Men. And having an A-list actor (even one as tarnished as Gibson) would only increase Mad Men’s luster and would probably attract hundreds of thousands of new viewers.  This curiosity factor could really help boost the show’s audience next year (this season it has had to struggle to stay above 2 million viewers).