Watch: Melissa McCarthy Destroys as Sean Spicer on ‘SNL’

     February 5, 2017


Saturday Night Live as a whole is hit or miss, but especially when it comes to its political comedy. Sometimes it’s dry and behind the curve—especially in the age of John Oliver and Samantha Bee—but sometimes the show hits upon something special and hilarity ensues. That was certainly the case with Tina Fey’s run as Sarah Palin, and last night SNL debuted what should already go down as a classic bit. Melissa McCarthy made a surprise appearance in the Kristen Stewart-hosted episode, playing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to absolutely hilarious effect.

McCarthy positively nails Spicer’s tone and overall bumbling affectations in this particular bit, as the Press Secretary has had his fair share of fumbles during the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency. It’s hard to imagine this sketch was written without McCarthy’s input, as it has her signature flair for physical humor all over it, crafted with a biting tone that underlines the administration’s standoffish (to say the least) attitude towards the press.

Last night’s episode as a whole felt pretty inflammatory towards President Trump, and indeed folks were curious to see how SNL would handle this presidency as the show caught a significant amount of flack for allowing Trump to host during the campaign. The gloves were decidedly off last night, as the cold open took aim at Steve Bannon, and Stewart directly addressed avid SNL watcher Trump in her monologue, calling out the President’s fascination with her and Robert Pattinson’s breakout.

You can watch both McCarthy’s Spicer sketch—which, seriously, is an all-time SNL great—along with Stewart’s monologue below.