Mena Suvari and Chris Klein AMERICAN REUNION Interview

     April 6, 2012


American Reunion, the nostalgia dripping thirteen-plus year sequel to American Pie (nine years since American Wedding, three since the DTV American Pie: Book of Love), leans heavily not only on the past iterations/bonds/adventures of its many characters but more-so on the audience’s own relationship to the original film. Numerous references to American Pie abound: hey remember the time when Jim failed to seal the deal with Nadia over a webcam or Milf #2 or ‘That Time at Band Camp’?… – because American Reunion sure does and it pulls at every heartstring to make sure you do too. In the sequel – Jim and Michelle’s marriage has hit a sexual lull, Stifler is now stuck working a dead end job, Oz is a C-level celebrity, Finch has disappeared without a trace and Kevin is just beginning to settle into boring normal adulthood. Of course their high-school reunion tests these status quos – upending some, reaffirming others…

At the recent press day in conjunction with our partners Omelete, I was able to speak with the entirety of the American Reunion cast. Today’s interview: Mena Suvari & Chris Klein (Heather & Oz). In the interview the duo reminisce about the first American Pie, discuss aging with the characters and preview where they see Heather and Oz ten/twenty years from now. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Mena Suvari and Chris Klein

  • Did they spend a lot of time reminiscing about making the first American Pie
  • Are they surprised at where Heather and Oz ended up
  • As they age in real life, do they find themselves similar or more different to their on screen characters
  • Where do they see their characters in 10 or 20 years


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