Method Man and Carmen Electra Exclusive Video Interviews from Las Vegas

     June 1, 2008

For the release of the Meet the Spartans DVD and Blu-Ray, 20th Century Fox had a to do in Las Vegas that involved seeing The Higher and P.O.D. in concert, and then interviewing Method Man and Carmen Electra. It was a happening, sort of like that M. Night Shyamalan movie, except with less death and no bees at all. It was a blast, in its way, and what we got out of it is an interesting travelogue (or at least I think its interesting), and two on camera interviews with two of the coolest people in Hollywood. Both are musicians, so that may have something to do with it.

Method Man

Clifford Smith aka Method Man (aka Johnny Blaze, Aka Hott Nikkels, Aka Iron Lung, Aka Tical, Aka Shakwon, Aka Ticallion Stallion, Aka The Panty Raider, Aka Johnny Dangerous, Aka Blazini, Aka MZA) is one of the coolest guys in the history of ever. From being a founding member of the Wu-Tang clan, he already has earned his place in the music pantheon, but he’s also shown himself to be a capable actor. He made it through four seasons of The Wire as Melvin “Cheese” Wagstaff. Meth shows up in the middle of Meet the Spartans to introduce a dance off, and the very presence of Method brings the film up and gives the film a sense of cool. Chatting with Method may be the coolest and easiest interview I’ve ever done. Method started the interview by asking if we knew each other, and he thought I had one of those faces, but the old friend feel came off in the interview. See for youself:

Carmen Electra

Coming up from being a Prince protégé often leads to going to the church (ask Vanity, or Apollonia, if you can find her), but Carmen Electra has turned her good looks into a minor empire. From her strip aerobics to her acting career, Electra has managed to keep going in a town that all too often churns out attractive women as quick as they come. She’s also found a home with the makers of Meet the Spartans as the directors (Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer) have used her in all of their films, and have put her in their next as well. When I was in London, my brother admitted that he had a crush on her, and it’s easy to still have a crush on Carmen. Since she just got engaged, my timing was off. See for yourself:

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