MGM Keeps THE HOBBIT; Claims of Falling Sky Appear to Have Been False

     October 1, 2009


You know how last week I said that people who were freaking out about “The Hobbit” and the James Bond franchise going into limbo were idiots?  Yeah, that’s because they are and THR proves me right by saying that “The Hobbit” will stay at MGM.  The story goes on to say that “The Hobbit” remaining at MGM could bolster interest bidding on the studio which means that James Bond shouldn’t worry about losing his license to kill any time soon.  But the best part is that Nikki Finke over at Deadline had the balls to give this a “Toldja!” (for when you want that extra bit of obnoxious) while amending nothing about “The Hobbit” being “in peril”.   I guess the words “My Bad!” just don’t really work for her.


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