TOY STORY 3 Scribe Michael Arndt Hired to Write Disney’s SNOW AND THE SEVEN, Set in China

     February 1, 2011


It seems that Snow White is all the rage in Hollywood. Universal has Snow White and the Huntsmen with Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart mulling over roles, and Relativity Media is working on The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. Well now Disney’s thrown its hat into the ring with its long-gestating Snow White project getting a punch-up by recent Oscar nominee (and past winner) Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3). The film, titled Snow and the Seven transports the fairy tale to 19th century China. Heat Vision describes the plot thusly:

A 19th century Englishwoman returns to her Hong Kong home for her father’s funeral, only to discover that her stepmother is plotting against her. She escapes to mainland China, finding solace among a rogue band of seven international warriors.

Well, that’s certainly one way to go with the story. Disney is currently waiting to see how Natalie Portman’s pregnancy will impact her decision to star in the film. No matter, if Portman decides to take some time off this will certainly be the next project that elicits casting rumors for months, with every young actress sure to be vying for the role. No word on when they’re looking to get production started, though this is one of their top priority properties at the moment so expect more info sooner rather than later.

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