Michael Cera and Clark Duke – Exclusive Video Interview

     June 12, 2007

It’s funny how things work out. For the past few weeks I’ve been hearing a ton of buzz on the upcoming movie “Superbad,” with many friends telling me it’s the funniest thing they’ve seen all year. While you always get nervous when people say those things as the hype usually never equals the final product, in the past week Sony has sent out invites to a number of journalists so they can see the movie two months early. There is no reason for the studio to do this unless they know they have a winner.

Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing it and was looking forward to helping promote the movie. So when this interview with Clark Duke and Michael Cera – one of the main stars of “Superbad” – fell in my lap I was extremely surprised and happy to do it.

Here is how this all came together as it’s a good story.

On Friday afternoon I attended the “1408” junket and had a few hours to kill before going to the 7pm screening of “Evan Almighty.” Rather than driving across town in Friday traffic I decided to waste some time in Hollywood and ended up going to Amoeba Records to buy a CD.

When I was almost done I was looking at the new arrivals rack and I looked up to realize I was standing next to Michael Cera. As it happens I had interviewed him awhile ago for another upcoming movie and he remembered me. After catching up for a few and being introduced to Clark Duke, his friend and co-lead on their web show, I asked them if they wanted to do an on camera interview to promote their show Clark and Michael and for “Superbad.” It ended up they were down for it and five minutes later we were outside and filming on the street. So to anyone who thinks this interview was scheduled or planned… it was as spur of the moment as anything I’ve ever done for the site.

Now that you know how quickly this came together, you’ll understand that I had no prep beforehand and looking back I wished I’d asked a few more questions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great interview and you’ll learn a lot about their web show and “Superbad,” I just wish I had seen all their episodes before asking questions about it.

Now some background on their show.

You can watch “Clark and Michael” online and every Wednesday there are new episodes. Each one is around ten minutes and it’s done completely by the two of them. Now that I’ve seen all three I’ll say it’s absolutely worth checking out and you’ll love the surprise guest appearances.

And before getting to the interview, I have a great friend who called me about two weeks ago to tell me to watch “Clark and Michael.” I told him it was on my list of things to do and he implored me to check it out as he thought it was great. So when I landed this interview I asked if him if he wanted to write a short intro to the web show and the videos. Here is what he sent me:

Clark and Michael. Murtaugh and Riggs. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Boning and Marvin Gaye records. Some things just go together. You may think that you’ve seen the buddy genre before. You may think homie shouldn’t play that anymore. But you’re wrong. These two kids deliver the goods. Whether the man is brushing their teeth with his dick, or apology cards are being bought from the store, you will laugh. It’s a plotless, likable romp detailing the adventures of Clark and Michael, AKA “the one-two-punch,” two geniuses looking to get a show up and running in a land called LA. You’ll see many a great cameo, marvel at the classy, documentary style filmmaking, and be happy you took the time to watch these brief bits of comedy gold.

They really should have called this show “The Calm Before The Storm” as the storm is coming, and it’s called Superbad. This is Mikey Cera before superstardom. Before the rumors of excessive drug use. Before being linked to every hottie under the sun, from Elisha Cuthbert to a hot stand in on Superbad 2: The Quickening. Enjoy this little ditty while it lasts, because the diva phase may be on the horizon. This free goodness may not last forever. Check it.

And with that, here is the video interview. It’s broken up into 4 parts to make it easier to watch. Each part has some text so you know what it’s about. If you’re just looking for “Superbad” stuff its part one and three. But I suggest watching the whole interview as its solid.

Clark Duke and Michael Cera Part 1

  • How they became friends and I ask them to talk about their web show. They explain everything. They talk about the editing process, when it airs, how it came together, who is paying for it, etc..

  • Michael talks Superbad – around 2:45 – I ask him to explain his character and the movie.

  • I had heard they were going to Comic-Con and ask them to talk about it. 4:00

  • They explain their characters on their web show and what they had hoped to get out of doing it. 5:05

Clark Duke and Michael Cera Part 2

  • Do they read any of the online buzz about the show.

  • How long ago did they finish the show. 1:00 – They are still working on the editing.

  • Has the network has given them any feedback and asked them to make any changes.

  • I ask Michael what else he is attached to as I had heard about a new movie being announced. 3:22 – He talks a bit about a new Harold Ramis movie with Jack Black. You need to check out his wallet! He mentions that Judd Apatow is producing the project. And while he didn’t know much about the story as he said it all might be changing, he did mention the table read and said that Paul Rudd, David Cross and Hank Azaria were all there. Obviously this was just a table read so please don’t make any assumptions that all these people are in the movie.

  • I ask them if they will try and do it like Tenacious D and pop up in each other’s projects.

Clark Duke and Michael Cera Part 3 – SUPERBAD

  • I do a followup on Superbad. I ask about his character and working with Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill.

  • After he explains the movie I ask about the R rating and how frank is the sex talk. 1:41

  • What movies they have seen this summer and what have they liked. 3:30

  • I follow up with what are they looking forward to. 4:10 – They give a big plug to Transformers.

Clark Duke and Michael Cera Part 4

  • Are they making more episodes.

  • They explain the guest appearances on the show – Patton Oswald, David Cross, Andy Richter, Jonah Hill, and more.

And if you missed the video I posted yesterday of Michael Cera explaining the video that got leaked of him getting fired from the movie “Knocked Up” click here. That’s the very end of the interview.

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