Michael Cera – Exclusive Video Interview

     June 11, 2007

Tomorrow I’m going to be posting a big video interview with Michael Cera and Clark Duke of the web show ClarkandMichael.com, but while it’s not ready to go quite yet, I wanted to get at least some of it up tonight.

What I decided to do was post a short clip where Michael Cera explains the supposed firing he had off the “Knocked Up” movie set.

In the clip you see Michael Cera as the Seth Rogen character in “Knocked Up” and he has a huge fight with the writer/director Judd Apatow. While most knew it was not real and all part ofa fake documentary for the upcoming DVD, some thought it was a leaked video that we weren’t supposed to see.

In case you haven’t seen the video watch this. **update** the funny or die website is having some problems so you’ll have to wait to see the clip.

If you now watch the video interview below, you can hear from the star as he puts to bed any rumor that it was real. He also mentions that Orlando Bloom, Justin Long, and even more famous people can be expected on the DVD.

And as I said above, you can expect a huge video interview tomorrow with Clark and Michael as they talk about their new web show and various other upcoming projects. It’s a great interview so check back.

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