Michael Cera Shares a Bed with Kieran Culkin

     January 15, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

I can’t believe a Scott Pilgrim movie is finally happening. It’s happening with Edgar Wright directing and Michael Cera starring. How awesome is that? But for a while, things had slowed down. We knew that Cera was Pilgrim and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was his love interest, Romona Flowers. But now pre-production is happening in earnest with Wright up in Toronto along with the series creator, Bryan Lee O’Malley.

With that, HitFix has delivered a fresh piece of casting news by announcing that Kieran Culkin will play Scott’s gay roommate Wallace Wells. Wallace is one of my favorite characters as he’s a great foil for Scott, keeps him grounded, is serious enough to provide an almost biting cynicism but not-so-deadpan as to be a drag. With that, there are still a few major roles to be cast: Kim Pine, Steven Stills, Young Neil (I will love Edgar Wright even more if they cast someone who looks like Michael Cera), and Knives Chau. I would explain who these characters are but then what reason would you have for picking up the fucking book! The fifth volume (“Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe”) is set for release on February 4th and while some cool people anticipated the next “Harry Potter” book and some lame people anticipated the next “Twilight” book, the coolest people look forward to the next “Scott Pilgirm” book. These cool people will join me in following every scrap of “Scott Pilgrim” movie news that comes along.

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