Michael Clarke Duncan Exclusive Video Interview

     January 9, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Just a few hours ago I was at the Crest Theater in Westwood. The reason? The Broken Lizard guys were showing their latest movie “The Slammin’ Salmon” to their friends and family (click here to watch the red band trailer). While the event was closed to the public, a few journalists were invited to photograph and interview the people in attendance and I managed to get an invite…

While I already posted my interview with Carla Gallo, below is Michael Clarke Duncan.

The reason Michael was at the event tonight is he’s one of the stars of the movie. If you watch the red band trailer, you can see him punch a swordfish in the face. It’s quite funny.

Anyway, Michael talked about how he got involved in “Slammin’ Salmon” and what it was like making the movie. And with his next movie “Street Fighter” around the corner, we also talked about playing Balrog and what went into that role. Finally, I tried to find out what’s up with “Sin City 2”.

And one last thing… while I didn’t interview the Broken Lizard guys tonight, I’m talking with all of them tomorrow, so look for some pretty extensive interviews very soon.

Michael Clarke Duncan

  • How did he get involved with the Broken Lizard guys
  • How was it on set and how many crazy scenes are in the film. In the red band trailer he punches a fish
  • How much did he improv on the movie
  • Street Fighter talk – talks about how he did all of his own stunts in the movie. He plays Balrog.
  • Sin City 2 talk – I ask what’s the status
  • Video game voice over talk
  • He then talks about his character in the movie and what the film is about

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