Michael Imperioli Exclusive Video Interview DETROIT 187

     January 3, 2011

ABC’s hit police drama Detroit 187 is set to return tomorrow, January 4th, from a brief holiday hiatus. Last week I started releasing my on-set video interviews with the cast and crew, and tonight is one of my favorite interviews of the bunch. That’s because I got to sit down with the talented Michael Imperioli to talk about the show, his writing, what side of the law he enjoys playing, and how he felt about Life on Mars getting the axe. He gave me thoughtful answers and a small rant about how much he dislikes cellphones. So hit the jump for my full video interview, time stamped for your convenience.

detroit_187_abc_michael_imperioli_imageWhen I found out I was going to be interviewing Michael Imperioli, I knew I would have to come prepared. The well-rounded actor has quite a resume and is easily recognized, but he also is intelligent and has a serious persona that can be intimidating. Despite that, I got him to open up about quite a few topics with a refreshing honesty that you don’t often see. Fans of Detroit 187 will recognize that Imperioli’s character, Detective Louis Fitch, has an issue with his partner, Det. Washington, which stems from cell phone use. To see Imperioli has a similar disdain for cell phones is quite interesting. As I said, below are the time stamps from the interview.

Michael Imperioli

  • I ask why he feels police dramas in general hit a chord with audiences.
  • 00:40- Asked what side of the law he prefers playing.
  • 01:13- I ask how he feels about cell phones in his daily life.
  • 01:59- Asked if he is writing anything now.
  • 02:16- I ask if he has any plan to write for the show.
  • 02:42- Asked how frustrating it was to have Life on Mars canceled.
  • 03:31- I ask what he thinks separates the show and has made it a success.
  • 04:27- Asked if he has had a chance to explore the city.

As you can see, Imperioli is very calm and collected and thinks his answers through. That means you get detailed answers that don’t feel pre-programmed. His honesty about working in the industry is also refreshing. As I mentioned, the show returns from a break tomorrow at 10 EST on ABC. I have two more interviews to go, which will go up tomorrow, but if you missed any you can check out my interview with Erin Cummings, Jon Michael Hill, and D.J. Cotrona.