Michael Jackson’s Estate Shops Biopic of the King of Pop

     November 15, 2011

In a move that surprises no one, the estate of the late Michael Jackson has begun shopping a biopic to interested parties. Now that the trial of Jackson’s former caregiver Dr. Conrad Murray is over, estate executor John Branca has talked to Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock of the Montceito Picture Company regarding the feasibility of a memorial film for the King of Pop. Showblitz reports that the project would not be all-encompassing, but would cover certain portions of Jackson’s life. Pollock confirmed that the discussion has taken place, but there is no deal as of yet. Jackson’s estate has not provided a comment. Hit the jump for more.

michael-jackson-imageWith the death of such a globally recognizable cultural icon as Michael Jackson, a biopic was inevitable. (If Steve Jobs rightfully gets a biopic, Jackson should be equally deserving.) These stories are not always told in the best light, as was the case in the 2004 VH1 original Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, which aired with Jackson’s child sexual abuse scandal fresh on viewers’ minds.

However, Jackson wasn’t just a voice on a recording or a dancer moonwalking through a music video; he was no stranger to films himself. With the feature The Wiz under his belt and the iconic Thriller TV short (and the less iconic Captain EO short), as well as guest roles in Men in Black II and The Simpsons, Jackson ranged across all forms of media.

It will be interesting to see what portions of his life Jackson’s estate highlights (his childhood, music and stardom, to be sure) and which they sweep under the rug (the scandals, the physical transformation, the nature of his death). Regardless of what hits the editing room floor, fans of all ages will flock to see the King of Pop one last time.

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