Michael Keaton in Talks to Lead Dark Drama about McDonald’s, THE FOUNDER

     January 15, 2015


Fresh off his Oscar-nomination for Birdman, Michael Keaton is in talks to lead The Founder, a dark drama about the creation of the McDonald’s food empire.  Keaton would play Ray Kroc, a salesman who basically stole McDonald’s from its founding brothers Mac and Dick McDonald and then turned it into a billion-dollar empire.  THR says the tone of the script is The Social Network meets There Will Be Blood, which sounds amazing when you apply it to a business that sells Happy Meals.

Combined with his recent talks to also join Kong: Skull Island, this is the career resurgence I hoped Keaton would receive from Birdman, and I think these movies will be better because of his involvement.  However, I’m concerned about director John Lee Hancock handling the picture. Hit the jump for more.

Hancock is known for schmaltzy dramas like The Rookie, The Blind Side, and Saving Mr. Banks, so if this script is truly in the vein of dark movies like Social Network and There Will Be Blood, he’ll be going into uncharted territory, which is exciting but he’s also done nothing to indicate he can pull it off.

Then again, in a story about two brothers being screwed out of their company by a sleazy salesman doesn’t seem to have the room for uplift like Hancock’s other films, so perhaps the script will keep him in check.  And hopefully, Keaton will sign on to star because it could be another great role for him.


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