Michael Madsen, Jennifer Taylor, Luke Eberl, Danielle Morrow, More Join Nicole Fox in Teen Drama SPRAWL

     October 31, 2011


Michael Madsen, Jennifer Taylor, Luke Eberl, Danielle Morrow, August Emerson, and Lauren Mayhew have signed on to join Nicole Fox in the teen drama Sprawl.  According to Variety, the script by Domenic Migliore “provides a glimpse into the life of an outcast teenage girl who handles deep-seated issues by cutting on herself.”  If IMDB is to be believed, Migliore is just 21 years old.  His youth should help the authenticity—the approach has worked well in the very young writers’ room for Skins.  Although, a 21-year-old woman might be preferable.  In an ideal world, a teenage girl would write the voice of a teenage girl, as when a 14-year-old Nikki Reed co-wrote Thirteen.  Within the constructs of the world of Hollywood screenwriting, the young man Migliore is a promising choice for such melodrama that is very tricky to pull off, and very easy to botch.

Dean Ronalds is directing the independent production, mostly filming in downtown Los Angeles.  Tom Malloy and Brian Ronalds are producing.

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