Michael Pena Talks ANT-MAN, Filming the Telephone Sequences, and More

     July 20, 2015


While the actor Michael Pena has been great in films like End of Watch, Fury and Cesar Chavez (just to name a few), I’ve been waiting for him to tackle another film that can show off his comedic chops as much as his fantastic work in Jody Hill’s Observe and Report. If you’ve seen Ant-Man, you know Pena steals his scenes even when acting against big names like Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd. He’s one of the reasons you should see the film.

Before Ant-Man opened, I sat down with Pena for an extended video interview. During this segment, he talks about how he got involved in the movie, how nervous he was on the first day, who he based his character on, the telephone sequences, what it was like working with Rudd and Douglas, how some of his mess-ups are in the film, and so much more.

Look for more with Pena soon. If you missed what he said about the Chips movie, click here.

Michael Pena:

  • How he should do more comedies.
  • How he doesn’t read what people are saying.
  • Ant-Man talk and the action scenes.
  • How two years ago we talked about him doing Ant-Man and I was trying to convince him to do it.
  • How he got into comics and watched the early Marvel movies.
  • Talks about who he based the character on.
  • The telephone sequences and how some of his mess-ups are in the film.
  • What was it like working with Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas?
  • Was he nervous about signing a multipicture deal with Marvel?

Image via Marvel Studios


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