Michael Shannon Talks ’99 Homes’ and Winning the Actor’s Lottery

     October 9, 2015


While most people look at the leaves changing color as a sign of cooler weather on the horizon, to me it always represents fantastic movies. While moviegoing is a year-round thing, Hollywood generally aims their award caliber films for release in the fall, with the hope of landing those coveted Oscars.

Which brings me to Ramin Bahrani‘s heart-wrenching look at the foreclosure crisis, 99 Homes. Inspired by true events, the film stars Michael Shannon as a businessman who makes a comfortable living serving eviction notices and carrying out removals of people from their homes. Andrew Garfield is a single father who experiences Shannon’s work first hand, but is then given the opportunity to try and get his house back by working for Shannon’s character.

99-homes-andrew-garfield-michael-shannonBesides the amazing performances by both Shannon and Garfield, what’s exceptional about 99 Homes is the way Bahrani lets scenes play out by refusing to embellish them. At times you feel like you’re in the middle of a documentary because Bahrani likes to use real people, and that authenticity works flawlessly in the film. Trust me, you want to see this movie. It’s one of my favorites of 2015. 99 Homes also stars Laura DernNoah LomaxTim GuineeJ.D. Evermore, and Clancy Brown.

During my video interview with Michael Shannon, he talked about why he wanted to work with Ramin Bahrani, how his character isn’t a victim, when first realized he won the actor’s lottery with the projects and parts he’s gotten to play the past few years, and a lot more. Watch what he had to say below. 99 Homes is now in theaters.

Michael Shannon:

  • Was it an immediate yes after reading the script?
  • What did he learn that surprised him while making the movie?
  • Talks about his character and how he’s not a victim.
  • Talks about how he doesn’t have hobbies.
  • When did he realize he won the actor’s lottery?


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