Michael Stipe and Tom Hanks to Develop Barry Manilow ‘Musical’

     September 10, 2009

Michael Stipe and Tom Hanks and Barry Manilow.jpg

I think my parents might have a new favorite movie.  Following in the footsteps of last years surprise hit, “Mama Mia!”, R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and Tom Hanks are going forward with a romantic comedy that will use the song catalogue of singer/songwriter Barry Manilow.  Those who are waiting eagerly for a Manilow musical will sadly by disappointed since the film will not feature characters breaking out into songs.  Instead, the still untitled film aims to be closer to the tone of “Love Actually”.  You can get the full details when you click on the jump.

Variety reports that Manilow has pledged his support to the project and will allow his songs to be featured prominently in the film.  The project will be a character-driven romantic comedy with intersecting story lines that will involve Barry Manilow fans who are all arriving in Las Vegas on a weekend when Manilow will perform.  I’m going to guess that the climax/ending of the film will feature them attending the concert since the news report also says that Manilow will perform a song or two in the film.  I also predict that the film will be cliche ridden and feature a ton of cheese , but maybe I’m just being cynical and this could end up being a great film like “Love Actually”.

I don’t really hate Manilow.  I really have no feelings towards the man and his music at all.  I do know that he’s still a big deal with the older crowd and I’m sure that this film will be aimed at that audience.  This means that Michael Stipe and Tom Hanks have a possible huge hit on their hands and I’m going to assume that they know it too.

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