Comic-Con: Michelle Rodriguez Talks RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION and Returning to FAST AND FURIOUS Franchise

     July 19, 2012

michelle rodriguez resident evil retribution comic con

While at Comic-Con for a presentation in Hall H, actress Milla Jovovich spoke with the press about the fifth installment in the popular Resident Evil franchise.  In Resident Evil: Retribution, which resurrects Michelle Rodriguez’s character from the first film, Alice (Jovovich) fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead.  During the interview, Rodriguez talked about how cool it is to be a part of the franchise again, that her reappearance is explained early on and in a plausible way, the film’s cool fight scenes, how she’s also returning to the Fast and Furious franchise, doing a voice for the next Modern Warfare video game, and what superhero character she’d like to play.  Check out what she had to say after the jump.

Question: So, how did you end up back in the Resident Evil universe?

michelle rodriguez resident evil retributionMICHELLE RODRIGUEZ:  You tell me how it happened!  There’s not anything that I could possibly say about the bullet in the head solution without giving away the premise of the film.  The explanation happens pretty quickly, and it happens in Tokyo and Moscow.  I love watching all the cultural versions of zombies.  It’s pretty insane!  There are also shifts in action because the terrain changes, as well.  It’s pretty awesome!  I think it’s a good ride for 3D.  Just in concept, it’s reminiscent to going to Universal Studios.  Remember the first time you went and saw Terminator 3D and you were like, “Oh, my god, they’re coming out of the screen!”?

What’s it like to be a part of this series of films again?

RODRIGUEZ:  I think it’s pretty cool!  When the boys walked in, I was like, “What the hell, man?!”  They are handsome fellas, between Boris [Kodjoe] and Oded [Fehr].  I was like, “This is awesome!”  They look like characters from the actual video game.  I felt like I was actually walking within the digital domain.  I was like, “This is cool!  This is what you call manifest video game.”  I felt like a geek, reliving what I did, 10 years ago, when I asked to be a part of the franchise.

You asked to be a part of the franchise?

resident-evil-5-retribution-comic-con-posterRODRIGUEZ:  Oh, hell yeah!  I used to play the video game.  It was the first video game to make me jump out of my seat.  I owed it some respect.  I had just done Fast and Furious, so my agent called Paul W.S. Anderson and said, “It’s going to be a really good movie.  It’s rating high.  You want her in your movie.”  He was like, “All right, I think I’ve got a role for her.”  But, this time, I was like, “Dude, I got shot in the head.  How the hell are you gonna bring me back?!”  I was so excited to find out that it was a credible way.

What are you playing now?

RODRIGUEZ:  There is nothing else that exists in my world, other than Modern Warfare: Call of Duty.  I’m even doing a voice for the next one.  I called them up, too!  I’m entitled to geek out when I want to, shit!

Now you’re coming back to the Fast and Furious franchise now too, right?

RODRIGUEZ:  I think people just didn’t know what the hell to do with me, for awhile.  I’ve been doing this for 13 years.  Sometimes I play the girlfriend, but rarely.  When you are an independent woman and you’re strong-minded, people don’t really know what to do with you.  It wasn’t until years passed of Milla doing her thing and Angelina Jolie doing her thing and me doing my thing.  And then, all of a sudden, this younger generation comes out with these amazing movies that are actually led by women, aren’t necessarily sci-fi and make it credible for a girl to be strong, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or Snow White and the Huntsman or The Hunger Games.  Then, they’re like, “Okay, we’ll bring you back, Michelle!”  That’s what I think really happened, in the market.  Thank god that all of these franchises that I’ve been blessed to be a part of happened to have that longevity.  I’m just grateful to have that taste.  God knows, a lot of people become part of franchises that don’t have that comic book or video game background that I do.  I know what’s hot and what’s not.  I’ve also been very grateful to have a good palette for movies.

Is there a superhero character you’d like to play?

michelle-rodriguez-resident evil 5 retributionRODRIGUEZ:  The only two superheroes I could possibly think of that I would ever even consider playing are Cat Woman and Wonder Woman.  The only way that Wonder Woman could ever happen, even just writing her, is that she’d have to be dark.  Dark is good.  That’s cool!  Everybody has got flaws, and that’s what people relate to.  Today’s day and age isn’t like the ‘90s.  In the ‘90s, you could do whatever the fuck you wanted in a movie and get away with it.  Now, people boo in the theater, if it doesn’t look realistic enough.  It’s a tough sell.  If it’s not realistic, today’s day and age doesn’t want to buy it, even if it is sci-fi.  So, you’ve gotta play it dark, to get away with it.  You’ve gotta give it attitude, and then you can get away with murder.

What were the fight sequences like, in this film?

RODRIGUEZ:  There are some really cool ones.  There are a lot of people getting thrown around, a lot of kicking, a lot of zombies getting smacked around, a lot of zombies flying at you, a lot of guns going off, a lot of bullets flying at you, a lot of shrapnel, and a lot of zombies spitting blood.  The only thing, out of all of that, that I would have loved to have seen more of is heads being chopped off and flying at you.  I’ve always thought that image is so cool, in 3D.

What was the biggest challenge for you, with this film?

RODRIGUEZ:  It wasn’t really much of a challenge.  It’s so easy to work with these guys.  I had two weeks worth of prep.  I have two personalities.  I’ve got my good side, and I’ve got my bad side.  Since it’s split like that, it’s only my bad personality that fights so much.  Being that that real estate within the film is so small, I only needed two weeks worth of real training to really get down all the moves that I needed.  I had to memorize 90 moves, and it’s not that hard.  The stunt double was doing all the wirework, so I didn’t get to have any of that fun.  I’m not a professional martial artist, so who am I kidding?  But, it was fun to watch her.  I was sitting there, eating my snacks and saying, “That looks cool!  I wish I could do that!”’

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