Watch: ‘Midsommar’ Commercial Reveals Bear in a Cage Toy Available to Purchase

     July 9, 2019

In a really smart piece of marketing, A24 has released a commercial for a new toy called “Bear in a Cage” as a tie-in to Hereditary filmmaker Ari Aster’s tremendous new horror movie Midsommar. Indeed, this is an actual toy that will be available to purchase from A24 starting Wednesday, July 10th, although only 75 of them have been made so you’ll need to grab them quick… while supplies last.

The commercial itself is kind of hilarious, offering a few hints and teases to the more sinister aspects of Midsommar that, uh, would not make for a great toy commercial. Those who’ve seen the movie know exactly what the bear is for.

For those who haven’t, the film is basically a breakup movie crossed with a pagan folk horror film with a dash of fairy tale sprinkled in for good measure. Florence Pugh plays a woman grieving over an unspeakable tragedy who is reluctantly invited by her terrible boyfriend (Jack Reynor) to spend three months in a remote Swedish village, participating in their midsummer festival with him and his friends. The two’s fragile relationship is pushed to its limit, all the while they soon discover these villagers are, uh, a little kooky.

Check out the Midsommar bear in a cage commercial below, and head to A24’s shop to purchase it tomorrow. It’s only $32!



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