Mike Mignola Exclusive Red Carpet Interview – 2009 Saturn Awards

     June 28, 2009


The other night I attended the 2009 Saturn Awards. Since I interviewed over twenty people, it’s taken some time to edit all the video. Thankfully, today I made a lot of headway, so here’s the start of a big block of video interviews. Look for a lot more tomorrow. So up first…”Hellboy” creator Mike Mignola

During my short conversation with Mike, we talked about what he’s been up to recently and what’s going on in the world of “Hellboy”. He also told me he was recently in New Zealand doing a bit of work on “The Hobbit” and we discussed Comic-Con. Watch the interview after the jump:

Mike Mignola

  • What’s he been doing the last few months
  • Talks about how the Hellboy world has expanded and he hopes to be drawing more soon
  • Comic-Con talk – what’s he most looking forward to
  • Twitter talk
  • Says he went to New Zealand for a week and worked on The Hobbit

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