Mike Mignola Exclusive Video Interview – Scream Awards 2008

     October 22, 2008

On Saturday night I attended the Scream Awards and managed to interview a bunch of people on the red carpet. Over the last two days I’ve posted a number of interviews, and by tomorrow night I’ll have the rest online. While I’d love to have posted all of them already…I figured it would be better to spread them out.

Anyway, the interview below is with the creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola.

During our short chat I got updates on what he’s working on now, what he has coming up, we talked about Hellboy 2 and 3, and we of course talked about his relationship with Guillermo Del Toro.

If you’re a fan of Mike’s work, you’ll definitely dig this interview.

Mike Mignola

· What was his reaction to the worldwide success of Hellboy 2

· What was his reaction to the troll market sequence – he tells a funny story

· Hellboy 3 talk – is he said it’s going to take 4 years to make the next one

· He talks about what he’s working on now – writing Hellboy comics and co-writing a lot of other stuff

· Also says he just drew a Hellboy comic that comes out next month

· I ask him if he’ll go to New Zealand to watch Hobbit filming

· He says he’s going to work with Guillermo Del Toro in Los Angeles

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