Mike Nichols in Talks to Direct GREAT HOPE SPRINGS Starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges

     June 25, 2010

How much talent can you cram into one movie? Mandate Pictures is apparently attempting to find this out (as Mythbusters has yet to tackle this question) with their upcoming film Great Hope Springs. TheWrap is reporting today that the production company that helped bring us such recent films as Whip it! and Drag Me to Hell (one of my personal favorites from 2009), is now in talks with legendary director Mike Nichols (The Graduate and most recently Charlie Wilson’s War) with the hopes of picking up the award-winning director to helm their potential awards-season contender dramedy, Great Hope Springs.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Potential awards-season contender? It doesn’t even have a director yet.” Yes, but Nichols isn’t the only one in negotiations.  How do you feel about adding Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep to the mix?  Hit the jump for more.

In addition to Nichols potentially directing the film, TheWrap reports both Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges and Oscar-glutton Meryl Streep are close to finalizing deals to lead the film. If they sign on, the two would play “a couple who spend a weekend attending an intense counseling session in order to decide the fate of their 30-year marriage.”

So if you see Great Hope Springs making the 2011 awards circuit, just remember that we told you so.

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