Miles Teller Bloodied Up In First BLEED FOR THIS Image

     February 6, 2015


2014 was a hell of a year for Miles Teller that culminated with what was perhaps the best film of the year in Whiplash. And because Teller is the real deal, with both chops and charisma, his next few years are likely to be pretty effing great as well.  Currently on the sales block at the Berlin Film Festival is Bleed for This, based on the true story of boxer Vinny Pazienza, who overcame a disastrous car accident to compete once again, against all odds. I have a feeling that this movie, even if it’s likely in fairly rough shape at this point, won’t have much trouble attracting buyers.

Boiler Room helmer Ben Younger is directing (he also wrote the script), with young upstart Martin Scorsese in the producer’s chair. Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal and Ciarán Hinds also star. Miles Teller put a lot of prep into the role, telling Steve back in October that it was consuming all of his time to the point where he could’t think of anything else.

Check out a better look at the first image of Teller in Bleed for This below, courtesy of The Solution Entertainment Group.


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