First Trailer and Poster for John Milius Documentary, MILIUS

     March 7, 2013


What do Dirty Harry, Conan the Barbarian and Apocalypse Now have in common?  Filmmaker John Milius.  The Oscar-nominated writer/director/producer is responsible for some of the most iconic and macho films of the late twentieth century, but is also known for his volatile persona off the set.  Premiering at SXSW is debut directors’ Joey Figueroa and Zak Knutson’s documentary on Milius, simply titled, Milius.  I could try to describe Milius’ work, but I’ll just let Sam “The Voice” Elliott sum it up:

“He doesn’t write for pussies and he doesn’t write for women…he writes for men, because he’s a man.”

Well said, sir.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer and check out the poster for Milius.

Watch the trailer for Milius below:

Official synopsis for Milius:

The life story of one of the most influential and controversial film directors in the history of Hollywood, John Milius. From his childhood aspirations to join the military to his formative years at the USC Film School, his legendary work on films such as “Apocalypse Now”, “Jaws”, “Conan The Barbarian”, “Dirty Harry” and “Red Dawn” to his ultimate dismissal from Hollywood due to his radical beliefs and controversial behavior. The film includes in depth interviews with Milius himself and others such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Francis Ford Coppola, Harrison Ford, Michael Mann, Robert Zemeckis, Oliver Stone, Bryan Singer, Charlie Sheen, Matthew Weiner and more.


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