Millennium Films Builds the THREE MUSKETEERS Brand

     June 11, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Millennium Films has just acquired another ‘brand’ to build. The independent studio plans to adapt Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel “The Three Musketeers” into a major motion picture, according to Daily Variety. Acquiring the rights to the story of the three (or four, depending on whom you ask) French swordsmen didn’t take a lot of finagling on the part of Millennium – the original 19th century novel has been in the public domain for years, explaining why a search for the title “Three Musketeers” on IMDb reveals over 50 matches since the 1920’s. And I’m not even counting TV movies or projects involving “Iron Masks.”

After Millennium Films grossed 100 million with its “Rambo” re-launch last year, the studio has been gobbling up known titles to adapt. New features for familiar characters (or “brands”) like Hercules, Buck Rogers as well as Conan AND Red Sonja are all on the horizon at the studio.

Millenium plans to present an origin story for our Musketeers this time around – how they became all for one and all that. D’Artagnan’s character (the star of Dumas’ novel) may be put on hold for a possible sequel. Hmm, aren’t they getting a little ahead of themselves there at Millennium? The last big ‘Musketeer’ movie I recall flopped – 2001’s “The Musketeer.” Ditto for 1993’s “The Three Musketeers” and that starred Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland! How they missed with that Brat Pack chemistry going for them is a movie mystery – oh wait, could it have been a crappy script?

Anyway, Millennium doesn’t have a lot to lose by bringing back the Musketeers – as I mentioned, the property is free for anyone to adapt at this point. Even if their “Three Musketeers” fall upon their cinema swords, it’s not like they wasted a lot of time or creativity, right?

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