Milo Ventimiglia Exclusive Video Interview

     November 7, 2008

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

If you’re been reading Collider for awhile, you may have watched a great interview with Milo Ventimiglia that I did earlier this year. I got to interview him for the movie “Pathology” and as I said back then…he’s one of the nicest actors I’ve ever interviewed. Whenever you talk with him, he always gives you 100%. Trust me, it’s not the norm.

Anyhow, even though Milo is extremely busy shooting “Heroes”, he’s recently launched a comic book called “Rest” and it’s about what happens if you no longer have to sleep. The story follows a guy (who happens to look a lot like Milo) as he signs up for a pharmaceutical trial of this new wonder drug and it’s what happens. Imagine if you no longer had to sleep at night. Think about all the things you could do with your time. It’s a great concept….isn’t it?

So to help promote the comic and also talk about all the other things he’s involved with, I went to his office and did a very extensive interview. Not only did we talk about how he got involved with the comic and what’s coming up in the series, we of course talked about “Heroes” and his thoughts on the upcoming volume Fugitives.

But it didn’t end there.

In conjunction with our partner site Omelete, their readers submitted a bunch of questions for me to ask. So we talked about “Gilmore Girls”, Sylvester Stallone, Rambo, his comments on wanting to play Robin, and he even explained the YouTube phenomenon of him doing very mundane tasks and people copying him. Don’t worry, he explains everything.

If you’re a fan of Milo’s, I promise you’ll love this interview.

But before watching…I once again have to say thank you to Milo. While most interviews are 5 or 10 minutes, you’ll see he gave me a lot more time than that.

And since some of you might not have time to watch everything, I’ve listed what we talked about and provided links to the things that we reference off site. Enjoy the interview!

Milo Ventimiglia part 1

· We talk about his office

· Rest comic book talk – the new comic book Milo is involved with. He talks about how he got involved, what it’s about and why you should read it

· About 2 minutes in you can watch Milo mess up. I know he’s probably going to be mad that I posted it…but it’s funny…

· Afterwards he talks about the comic and he also explains how the main character might look like him…

· He talks about how involved he is on a day to day basis

· He says they’ve written to book 5 – which are all part of the first volume

· I ask if he thinks this could be a good TV show or film

· We talk about how the comic book’s premise is probably being worked on right now by some big pharmaceutical company

· We discuss how sci-fi ideas that are based closely on what could be in real life are always so cool

Milo Ventimiglia part 2

· He talks about where you can buy the comic –

· He talks about his recent signing at Golden Apple for his comic book…it’s a famous comic book store in Los Angeles – he tells a great story about when he first got there…

· Heroes talk – we talk about the current volume and a bit about the next volume Fugitives

· The readers of our partner website Omelete gave me a bunch of questions to ask….here they are

· From Fernando Beluci – Do you think Heroes is heading to a Petrelli dynasty?

· From Priscila Fernandes – When you got the role of Robert Balboa Jr., did you ever think you had a physical resemblance with Stallone?

· From Nayara – Would you like to work again w/ Sly? Did you watch Rambo IV?

· From Diego – I first got to know you from watching “Gilmore Girls”. Did you like the way Jess’ story ended there? If there’s a reunion episode or feature film, would you consider doing it?

Milo Ventimiglia part 3

· From Gabriel – What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

· From Marco Antonio Kawassaki – I read that you auditioned to Clark‘s role in Smallville. And now you’re almost a Superman in Heroes. Is it you that goes after this kind of roles or do they come to you?

· From Nilton Brotto – I found on youtube a video of you doing a Crazy Bunny – what was that?

· From Aleph – Once you told on an interview that you’d like to be Dick Grayson (Robin) in the movies. Have you ever googled yourself and saw some collage with your face in Nightwing’s uniform?

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